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tv   Unicorn in Captivity  CSPAN  August 24, 2017 1:40am-1:51am EDT

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there is people doing great things so that is the take away from the book so a fascinating woman you couldn't have dreamed up no matter what kind of novel you were trying to write. you are watching book tv on c-span2 in prime time tonight they invite them to tell about their travels and she saw big pictures they say each picture
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tells a story of the things that capture a. it's like a church choir singing hallelujah at easter. fort hunter has existed since the revolutionary war. it's used for strategic purposes but over time when the united states won its freedom its place became owned by the name of
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mcallister and that they were entrepreneurs so as a child i knew that it was here but i didn't know until 50 years i was out of high school at the time of my 50th high school reunion that there were enslaved people at fort hunter and this is located just 8 miles north of my own home in harrisburg. i was fascinated and very fortunate to come across this website that featured artifacts. archaeologists have been here and there were some autographs. i don't remember the artifacts that they were attached to the time of enslavement and it gave me a different relationship to my hometown because i realized if they were not talking about slavery, what else were they
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talking about so in the actions of that important conversation about slavery, race when are we going to start to talk about it. that's why this place is very important to me. then i found out that there was an african-american cemetery. the cemetery i would say it's like the size of a large room. the headstones had children at an angle when he could hear gunshots that let us know people were doing target practice and i saw things that looked like the headstones could have been struck by bullets because they didn't go all the way through, but it was clear something had struck it.
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once i took in the physical dimension, i could feel the spirit of the past and it was palpable. and all of us some of us were african-american, some were white but we could all feel the spiritual significance. i was looking at the people that accompanied the on the journey and there was something amazing that we felt and raised. for me it was permission to talk the story. ..
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>> >> and find a way to forget because it was that feeling of peace at the cemetery
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with no label attached to it to say new and improved and
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>> >> all she recalls of polled was in those shapes and still hears her mother's voice and somehow those were retraced and packs up her roots and puts on her shawl and puts it over her shoulder and tears to walk back down the path as the rise is over the darkening ridges over the susquehanna
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coming informed about the slaves reminds me we have to all our past remember i did not know that they enslaved people were here and at the black people just show up in harrisburg? no. but in harrisburg it is special because a proud past to relate to with those defendants like they may still be living here with the people from our past everybody has a story that needs to be told it needs to be shared you have language whether in a journal or speak it in the slammer use your language to communicate
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with each other and they want you to feel less than and to create a strong community but using your language and go forth in peas. >> c. charles is one of the least well-known members of


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